Launching Occupational Therapy for Long Covid (@OTforLC)

Occupational Therapy for Long Covid was founded in order to combine our lived experience with Long Covid and professional experience of occupational therapy to promote the value of occupational therapy for adults and children with Long Covid. We want to support the development of occupational therapy services and research that centres the lived experience for the benefit of the worldwide Long Covid community.

Our official launch date is 1st March 2022 and our aims are to:

Create a useful resource for children, young people and adults with Long Covid to help them live well and engage in their everyday occupations.

Promote and collate the evidence on the value of occupational therapy in Long Covid services worldwide.

Connect occupational therapists/ergotherpists worldwide – both those who are living with Long Covid and those who are supporting people with Long Covid.

Support co-produced occupational therapy research into Long Covid.

Provide education and training to occupational therapists and occupational therapy students which centres the lived experience.

Work alongside other Long Covid peer support, advocacy and lived experience led groups such as Long Covid OT, Long Covid Physio, Long Covid Kids, Long Covid Support and Long Covid Work.

Demonstrate the contribution that occupational therapists living with Long Covid can offer.

Share our unique insights gained through living with Long Covid and engaging in our own everyday occupations.

You can find out more about the founding members on the About page.

We currently have two occupational therapy students on placement with us, and have previously supported another student placement. Our current students will be supporting us to develop the website and resources offered.

We look forward to connecting collectively and collaborating to develop this new venture.

7 thoughts on “Launching Occupational Therapy for Long Covid (@OTforLC)

  1. Hello. If i read this correctly, you plan to have a resource for OT and long Covid. How does one get the resource?


    1. On the blog page you can register to receive emails when we post new content. We currently have some occupational therapy students on placement with us that will be adding content soon and we have provided links to relevant information in the meantime.


  2. My son has been having LC symptoms since September 21, mainly body aches, fever, headache. extreme fatigue and anxiety.


    1. Hi Jana – sorry to hear your son has Long Covid too. This is a voluntary resource and we do not currently provide direct services although some of our members may work freelance. On our About Page you can find informaton on how to access Occupational Therapy services – both NHS/Social Care or privately funded and a link to the Find an OT resource for Independent OTs.


  3. I am so glad that you have set this up. I asked my occupational health department if they could refer me to occupational therapy for help with aids & adaptations to help with the pain & fatigue & enable me to return to work but they said it’s something they can’t do & I have to get my GP to refer me. Trying to get my GP to refer me to anything is a fight in itself so it is nice to see something online that I can access to hopefully help. Thank you


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