Long Covid and Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and how to save your spoons

We know that claiming benefits in the UK while living with Long Covid or an energy limiting condition is far from easy and demands considerable effort, energy and perseverance. So in June 2002 Occupational Therapy for Long Covid released a guide: Long Covid and Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and how to save your spoons.

This guide was written by our co-founder, occupational therapist, Jenny Ceolta-Smith who has Long Covid and experience of claiming and being awarded PIP. The content  of the guide was kindly reviewed by Dan Manville who is highly experienced in welfare benefits at one of the National Law centres: GMLAW (https://www.gmlaw.org.uk).  The creative design of the content was put together by Hananh Collier, an occupational therapy student at that time, but who is now qualified as an occupational therapist. Hannah volunteered her time to do this design and has recently added our updates in the second version (Dec 2022) here: PIP Guide Second Edition.

This guide was peer reviewed by co-founder , occupational therapist Laura Maloney. 

We are not yet familiar with the new benefit in Scotland Adult Disability Payment which has replaced PIP there, but we expect this guide to offer some guidance for such claims. 

Please do follow us at: @OTforLC and you can find out more about us at https://otforlc.com/about-ot4longcovid/

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