About Jenny

Dr Jenny Ceolta-Smith

Occupational Therapist – PhD, MBA BHSc (Hons), PGCAP, PVRA

Has been qualified as an occupational therapist since 1994 (HCPC Number: OT23489,  Fellow of the Higher Education Academy: PR129098).

She has worked in a variety of NHS, social services and private and academic settings including in Bangladesh.

Jenny has been ill with Long Covid since March 2020 and experiences multiple symptoms (over 40 since the start of having COVID-19) including chest pain, fatigue, headaches, blurred vision, burning sensations.

Jenny is currently involved in:

  • Occupational Therapy for Long Covid – Co Founder
  • Long Covid Work – Co Founder and Associate 
  • Long Covid Support – Member of the subgroup: Long Covid Support Employment Group 
  • Independent Occupational Therapist
  • University of Northampton – Associate Lecturing
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